I’ve always found putting outfits together to be more of a fun activity than a daily nuisance. I quickly turned that interest into a passion when I realized I could make a living putting outfits together. My first internship in the fashion industry was at Diane von Furstenburg during the Summer of 2017 at their headquarters in the Meatpacking District of NYC. I worked in the Ecommerce department under the Associate Manager of Merchandising – this is when I was finally able to combine passion with knowledge of the industry. Whether it be the chaotic sample closet or website management, I was involved and learning quickly.


The following Fall, I decided I wanted to continue interning and gain as much experience as possible. I applied to be an Ecommerce Merchandising Intern for NYLON Magazine’s online shop at their main office in SOHO, NYC and was hired within the week. Getting involved with a company that wasn’t entirely fashion-based opened my eyes to even more possibilities. My supervisors at NYLON gave me more responsibility than at DVF, and I was able to continue learning through ambition and persistence.


I’ve created this blog for two reasons: to document my journey through the ever-evolving world of fashion and style, and to share my journey with anyone who has the same interests and wants to learn as I do. I post everything from lookbooks to style tips to my favorites of fashion, beauty, and skincare. Check back weekly for new content and updates.


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