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How to Find Fashion Internships

I made the video above to help anyone else that’s in the process of finding internships in the fashion industry. I found my past two fashion internships through different methods of searching, and along the way, I’ve found some tips for searching for fashion internships that make it much easier and more efficient.

My first major tip is to ask your parents who they know! This is how I found my internship at Diane von Furstenberg – my dad is good friends someone that worked there at the time. You’d be surprised who your parents know and where their friends may work. Family friends are often able to bump up your resume to make sure it’s seen, so ask around!

For NYLON Mag, I actually didn’t see them post a job opening anywhere. Instead, I went to their website and found the contact information for their employees. Then I cold-emailed a few members of the ecommerce team with my resume, cover letter, and a quick introduction in the body of the email to tell them who I am and a snippet of my experience. This method can be tricky, especially since many companies don’t have a public list of employee emails. However, it can pay off if you show your interest!

As for the rest of the internships I’ve found, most were on LinkedIn job postings¬†and posting on the brand’s own website in their careers section. To hear all about my experience applying for internships, be sure to check out the video above!

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