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My Experience with Eyelash Extensions

My natural eyelashes suck. I mean, I can curl them and make them look decent…but they’re never very impressive. This is pretty unfortunate for me considering my eyelashes are the defining part of my makeup for me. If my eyelashes look big and full, I don’t feel like I need much more makeup than that. I’ve dabbled with fake lashes but was never one to put them on every day out of sheer laziness.

So! Last summer, I decided to take the plunge into eyelash extensions for a trip that I was about to take to Belize. I’d always been quite hesitant out of fear that the extensions would make my natural lashes permanently disappear. However, I finally decided to say fuck it and just get them. These are some things I feel like everyone should know when considering getting eyelash extensions.


If you’re squeamish about people touching your eyes, this will be a living nightmare for you. The first step is to use an undereye gel pad to glue down your bottom lashes so they don’t become a tangled, gluey mess. This means that you have to keep your eye open and let someone put something sticky RIGHT at your bottom lash line to keep all the lashes down, all while you see this pad coming straight for your eye.

I won’t go into all the details of the process, as it would be much more effective for you to look up a demo video on lash extensions. But beware, depending on how weird you are about your eyes, this may not be for you.


Aftercare is where most people decide they just can’t deal with lash extensions. I go to Amazing Lash Studio and they recommend a special lash cleanser twice a day, brushing them twice a day, coating them once a day, and applying their own natural lash enhancer that will help your natural lashes grow while not disturbing the lash glue. These steps are tedious but essential to keeping your lashes looking great. If you choose not to follow the recommended routine, you won’t die…but your lashes probably will (sooner at least).

As for sleeping, this is where the lashes can get truly messed up. If you tend to sleep hard on one side of your face, the lashes on that side will get bent and fall out, trust me. You will have to force yourself to adjust how you sleep and try not to let your face press against the pillow. I know, easier said than done, but it’s possible.


“Eyelash extensions don’t damage your natural lashes as long as you don’t touch or pull on them” – every lash technician. Okay….this advice sucks in my opinion. The first problem is sleep, which I’ve already addressed. Everyone sleeps and most people sleep on their side, can’t really avoid your lashes breaking from that. So there you go! some lashes are already broken.

Then there’s rubbing your eyes, which is inevitable for a multitude of reasons. Another case of some broken lashes.

The lashes tend to get somewhat tangled, especially if you aren’t brushing them and are sleeping on your side. Sometimes the brush isn’t enough and you need to go in with your fingers to fix some rogue lashes…some might accidentally get pulled out…BOOM more broken lashes.

The worst part for me was when I wanted them off. I finally decided I’d had enough but the last couple lashes just were not budging. I’d like to say I didn’t rub oil on them and basically rip them out, but I did. I could NOT stand having two long lashes on each eye in different spots. So there, more broken lashes.

If you are consistently getting touch ups but you notice that they aren’t holding as well as before, your natural lashes are probably damaged and desperately need a break. Give them a break.

Once they were all off I was MORTIFIED. My natural lashes were stubs and could not even be curled. I stayed calm and didn’t use mascara for a few days. Then I discovered something magical: castor oil. THIS. SHIT. WORKS. I applied it (almost) every night before bed and within about two weeks, my lashes were soft and long enough to be curled. After another couple weeks, I felt like they were back to being long enough to have a bare face. Moral of the story – don’t worry about lash breakage, there are effective remedies. Of course, you still do need to be careful and give your lashes a break when they are asking for it.


I love getting lash extensions. They make me feel confident even with no makeup at all. Not to mention getting ready is significantly quicker when you don’t have to sit there scientifically curling and coating your lashes with mascara. I recently got lash extensions again for Spring Break and they went on beautifully after I let them breathe for a few months.

If this post inspired you to try lash extensions, comment below and tell me what you think! I’ll post some pics below of me with and without lash extensions so you can get a better idea of the real life result!

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