The Bag Everyone Is Obsessed With: Cult Gaia

This bag seems to be all over social media being honored as the bag of this Spring. Obviously, I had to jump on the band wagon and see if this bag really is as cool as everyone makes it seem. I have to say I was hesitant about buying a bag made of bamboo, as it could get clunky and hard to carry. BUT the uniqueness of this product makes it so worth it. It’s such an eye-catcher and the slits in between the bamboo aren’t so big that stuff falls out (except credit cards, keep those in your wallet).

Pair this bag with any casual Spring look to make it extra Spring-y!

Outfit: Shoes by Raye (on sale!), Pants by Callypgian (pants no longer available), Bag by Cult Gaia, Shirt by J. Crew.

Check out Cult Gaia’s entire collection here!

2 comments on “The Bag Everyone Is Obsessed With: Cult Gaia

  1. anastasiagregory

    I love this bag!! I can see why it’s so popular


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