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Skincare Products That Saved Me

I have dry, very sensitive skin.

My journey with skincare and acne has been a long one. Lots of trial and error with products and methods, but I’ve finally found a routine that works for my skin! Here are the products I’ve found that work perfectly for me. If we have similar skin types, I hope this helps you too!

1. Purity Made Simple Cleanser by Philosophy

purity face wash

This award-winning, creamy, gentle cleanser is my absolute #1 favorite of all time. It doesn’t dry out my skin after I use it and I can really feel my skin getting cleaner. The formula is perfect for dissolving makeup – I even use this to clean all my makeup brushes. It’s fragrance free and made without phthalates. Highly, highly recommend!

2. Cool Blue Hydration Essence by Boscia

bosci hydration essence

I stumbled upon this wonderful creation when I started to get tiny red bumps around my  nose and chin. Googling these weird bumps lead me to discover that they were actually quite common, typically called perioral dermatitis. After learning this, I downgraded my skincare routine to zero face masks, serums or toners and just using face wash, moisturizer, and this. This product is what really got those little bumps to go away because it’s so gentle and locks in so much moisture. Oddly enough, I cannot find this product anywhere! It’s on Amazon, but it’s only available from third party sellers. This Sake Hydrating and Brightening Essence seems like the product that Boscia has replaced it with, and it has great reviews!

3. Silk Cream by Erin’s Faces


This is possibly my newest addition to my skincare routine, but is definitely my current favorite. When I was interning at NYLON Magazine, they had an office giveaway with ALL the products brands have sent them in the past, I don’t know, hundred years? There was a whole room with bins full of stuff and it was heaven. This is one of the many products I scooped into my backpack by the arm full. Erin’s Faces is 100% cruelty free skincare, makeup, and body products. My beloved Silk Cream moisturizer contains aloe, coconut, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil…basically everything that’s amazing for your skin. AND it’s paraben and fragrance free, what more could you ask for!

4. betaGel Spot Treatment by Medik8


I found this product after going through countless other spot treatments that were too harsh for my skin. Any other spot treatment I used would give me a chemical rash wherever I put it…no thanks, but I still needed to get rid of my pimps. So, I embarked on the Internet to find SOMETHING that could possibly work. Somewhere deep in the web, I saw recommendations for this product from women who were describing my same acne problem. I put this on a cluster of bumpy almost-pimples one night and woke up to find them nearly gone. Since then, I recommend this to absolutely everyone. Contains azelaic acid, dioic acid, niacinamide, and salicylic acid. Never heard of a couple of those, but it doesn’t irritate my hyper sensitive skin and that’s all the information I need.


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  1. Liz Duke

    Love the purity cleanser too!!

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