Current Favorites: Bags

For a long time, I didn’t understand the appeal of having many bags. Having one black bag that already had all of my stuff in it seemed pretty sufficient to me. Well..that has changed. I’ve come to realize that a cute bag can really pull your outfit together and take it to a new level. So! Here are some of my recent favorites!

The white bag is from Diane von Furstenberg. Since that was my first fashion internship, it holds a dear place in my heart and I check back at their new releases frequently.


When I found this adorable little bag, I was on the hunt for a simple, classy bag that I could use in the warmer months. And this Mini Soiree Bag was exactly that! It is big enough for my iPhone X, sunglasses, lipgloss, and a small card holder for the essentials. This color is currently sold out 😦 but there are so many other stunning colors and textures to choose from!


This bag is my pride and joy right now. Vintage Fendi has been so in recently, and I had to hop on that train. I turned to Etsy to begin my hunt for an affordable vintage bag in good condition and let me tell you, I almost had a heart attack when I found this. The Etsy shop I found this on, Vintage Kosmima, is based out of Greece and run by a woman named Anna Votika. She has a beautiful and unique collection of vintage bags, jewelry, and basically anything else you could think of. Definitely go check out her shop and take a look through all the cool things she has so kindly curated!


Comment below your favorite Etsy shops so I can go browse!

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