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How To Give Texture And Movement To Straight Hair

My hair is naturally straight and silky, so I’ve never had to do much to it in terms of daily styling. The biggest problem that I’ve had is that it’s TOO straight and silky. Before getting my hair lightened, my hair was so soft it wouldn’t hold a curl for more than a couple hours. Pretty big bummer when I was trying to achieve waves that fell straight before I could even make it to where I was going. Now that my hair is color treated, it’s much more coarse and easier to style although it is still naturally pin-straight.

If you have naturally straight and flat hair like me, I HIGHLY recommend the Living Proof Perfect hair Day in-shower styler. The photos below and above show how my hair looks after using this product in the shower and then letting it dry walking around the city. It adds thickness to my otherwise thin and soft hair so it lifts and moves in delightful little waves. You can also use this product to thicken your hair in order to style it better. Let it dry in buns for natural curls or curl it with an iron to make your hair big and bouncy!


Check out Living Proof’s blog The Strand for more tips and info!

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