About Me


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I’m a recent Rutgers grad with a B.A. in Communications and a specialization in Public Relations.

In the Summer of 2017, I interned at Diane von Furstenberg in the e-commerce department and I instantly knew I wanted to ultimately work full time in the fashion industry. The following Fall, I interned at NYLON Magazine, also in the e-commerce department. The knowledge I gained working at two completely different yet well-established companies is invaluable and gave me confidence in continuing with this career path. Around this time, I began posting my style and outfits on my personal Instagram and immediately saw a positive reaction. This past Summer (2018) I interned at Place Showroom as a showroom intern, where I got to help with everything from Market Week to running their social media.

I’m simultaneously job hunting and working with a friend on her vintage reselling site, funnyprettynice.com. Check out her website to shop extra special items she has found at thrift and consignment shops.

My style is always evolving as I immerse myself more and more into fashion. Follow my blog posts for updates on my journey!


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