Side Hustles

I’m a die-hard crafter and frequently embark on DIY projects when I’m feeling monotonous and bored in my daily routine. One recent skill I’ve picked up is stick n poke tattoos. After getting about 6 or 7 tattoos professionally done, I felt an intense desire to try to tattoo myself. I’ve gotten pretty good at it and have enough tattooed some of my friends. If you live in the NJ/NYC area I’d love to jab your body with an inky needle. Hence we have, my first side hustle:

Now onto my more fashion-related side hustles, tie-dyeing and bedazzling!! This hobby of mine may make me seem childish but I’m not ashamed to admit that I want to dress like I live at Justice (RIP Limited Too). In my defense, making tie-dye clothing look good is actually difficult and bedazzling is painstaking and I think I’m permanently ruining my back from hunching over the bedazzler. I have some special orders in the works for some friends as well as a collab of sorts coming soon with a friend that’s a very talented graphic designer. Behold my creations!